A man who can control his sexual urges is a man who can live many years on earth


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May 16, 2024
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A man who can control his sexual urges is a man who can live many years on earth.

Men don't know that some of their failures are caused by multiple girlfriends Not all girls have good spirit.

Some are demons, others have venom between their legs, some women are destiny destroyers, beware.

Pay close attention:

1. A real man only has one woman in his life.

2. Don't obey your Erection at all times. Most erections mislead you Control your erection if you don't want to have few days on earth with much poverty in you.

3. Don't date a lady because she has curves, boobs and a sexy shape. These things are simply misleading avoid such, don't fall for what is called social media irony.

4. Not everything you see under skirt you must work to eat, some skirts contain snakes that bite you and make you uncomfortable. control your sexual urge Self control and abstinence pays a lot in most cases.

5. Marrying a woman doesn't mean she owns you. Treat her with respect Make her your queen, love, honor her and give her reasons to treat you the same.

6. Having many girlfriends doesn't make you a man. It only makes you a womanizer, a cheater and a boy.

7. Just because you're good in bed doesn't make you a man. A real man is a man who does not run away from his responsibility but faces it squarely.

8. Respect any woman who loves you Yes, is not easy for a lady to throw her love on you and support your future.

9. The world celebrates successful men No one will celebrate you for having many girlfriends. So what's the point tho? Waste of energy, money & wasted sperm.

Remember, being honest, loyal and faithful, is the trademark of a real man.